7 Software Easter egg’s in everyday applications

Here are 7 Easter Eggs in some of the every day applications that I use.

Starting with the Web Browser

Firefox :

The Present version of Firefox is known to contain two Easter egg’s

robots easter

Making the appearance for the first time is the Firefox 3 mascot, The robot.

To access the Robot Easter egg type “about:robots” in your Firefox address bar without the colons or click here about:robots .


The second one is the new version of the classic Mozilla Easter egg which makes fun of Microsoft cryptically

about moz

In this 10th edition it speaks about the demise of Internet Explorer and the ever Increasing popularity of Firefox.

To access the Mozilla Easter egg type “about:mozilla” in your Firefox browser address bar without the colons and hit enter or click here about:mozilla

Check this post for Previous version of about:mozilla  Easter egg.

Here’s an Image of the Kitchensink Easter egg which is now discontinued.


you can go to the following link to see the ASCII art in action




Waiting for the download of a file to finish in utorrent, why not have some fun while you do that? play a game of Tetris called mu U Tris

utorrent tetris

You can access the game by going to Help –> About Utorrent and pressing the T key on your keyboard.


Picasa2 Easter egg :

picasa teddy

When in Picasa press ctrl+shift+y to decorate your Picasa window with a cute teddy, you can create multiple teddy's by pressing those keys and the bear can be dragged to anywhere in the window.



The Present Version of Winamp 5.531 contains two Easter egg’s, here’s how to access them

When in the Winamp window press hold ctrl+shift  and type NULLSOFT

winamp fullegg

Now when you play a song in Winamp the Easter egg changes the players transparency according to the beat, maximize the window to see the effect clearly. the player reset’s to normal behaviour when restarted.


The second Easter egg can be accessed by going to Options –> Preferences, scroll down to Plug-ins and click on

winamp fish

Input –> Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v1.51 and then About, you should now see a Fish in the about window,Challenge

yourself by clicking on the fish as fast as you can and recording your best RPM.


Google Reader:


google endofinternet

To replicate this in your Google Reader go to Settings –> Goodies and drag the Next link to your bookmarks bar on the browser and use it until there are no more links in the Reader for you to visit, Google Reader will display the End of the Internet message or just click here to see it End of Internet

google easteregg next

Below is the Image of the page the End of the Internet message Links to.( http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm )


 end of internet



GOM player :

Enjoy a Game of Dodge in GOM player.



Launch GOM player and Right click anywhere on the player and click on About GOM player


Double click on the GOM Player Icon to Start a Game of Dodge.




This OpenOffice Easter egg enables you to play the arcade style game of Space Invaders.


To Access it Launch OpenOffice Calc and type the following or copy paste it to any cell


here’s what you get if you try playing the game too many times.


What’s your Favourite Easter egg?


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How To Change Orkut Profile Theme

Here’s a Visual Guide on How to change the Default Theme in Orkut.


Log into your Orkut Profile and look for the change theme option towards the top right of the window



Click on the change theme option, this should open the Edit profile window for themes, you can also access this option by going to Profile –> Edit profile and clicking on the Themes tab there.


click on a theme that you want and click on the update option present towards the bottom left of the page and you are done.


Here’s how your profile would look like if you have chosen the Bus Stop theme.


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How To Make Gmail the Default email Client In Firefox 3

gmail logo

You Might have come across this issue on the web, usually when you click on a mailto link Firefox would try to launch the default email client on your machine, usually Outlook for Windows users, if you have configured Outlook then it’s ok but most users don’t use desktop email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird , It would be great if it opened Gmail Instead.

This can be achieved by two ways,

1.The first one involves Installing the Google Toolbar for Firefox which provides an option to make Gmail the default email client.

The Google Toolbar also adds some pretty useful features to your browser like the ability to access your Google Bookmarks, check the Importance of a particular website in Google’s view with the PageRank Info, highlighting your search terms on a webpage and auto completion of search terms in the search bar.

2. The Second option is to add Gmail as the default application in Firefox which handles mailto links.

Here’s a Visual walk through on how to make Gmail the default email client for your Firefox browser

Method 1:

Get Google Toolbar for Firefox and Install it and restart your browser, you should now see Google Toolbar on your browser Go to the Settings option on the toolbar and click on Options


You should now see the Google Toolbar Options  window


Click on More and under the Page Tools options check Send with Gmail option and click on OK,from now on Firefox will launch Gmail whenever you click on a mailto link.


Method 2:

Go To Gmail and Login into your account, once at the Inbox paste the following code into the Address Bar and Hit Enter.





You should now see a Firefox prompt asking for your permission to add Gmail as the application to handle mailto links


Click on Add Application, you should now click on a mailto link, click this mailto link.


You should now see a Application Selector window, select Gmail and check the option Remember my choice for mailto links and click on OK and you are done. (You don't need to send an email to me)

In future if you want to change the application which handles the mailto links you can do so by going to Tools –> Options –> Applications and searching for mailto and selecting the application you want.

For Linux Users of Firefox it’s under  Edit –> Preferences –> Applications.

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