YouTube Reveals Video Analytics Tool for All Users

Youtube has released a comprehensive new tool for it's users today to view detailed stats of the videos that they have uploaded to youtube, uploaders of the videos can now see statistics according to the geographical regions like people from which regions are watching the video the most and the number of countries from which the users are from who have watched a video between a particular time frame.

To Access these stats you need to click the "About the Video" button Located under "My account > Videos, Favorites, Playlists > Manage my Videos."

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Adding Google Talk chatting Feature to your blog!

It's been a while since I have posted anything new in my blog as I have been busy with my studies,now I have decided to start blogging seriously again.

Google have recently launched a new feature called "Chatback" which when used enables visitors of your blog or website to chat with you.

To use this feature you need to have a google account and a badge on your blog or webpage which looks like the image below,

You can get the Html code for the badge from here just copy and paste the HTML code into your blog, where you want the badge to be displayed and you will be able to chat with your blog visitors when they click on that badge, a web based googletalk gadget will be launched which they can use even when they have navigated away from that page. A good place for the Badge would be in the Contact me section of your blog.

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