Convert your Ms Word Documents to PDF's with MS Word

Need to convert a word document that you just created to PDF. you don't need to go to the hassle of opening a separate program to do that, you can convert the document to PDF using MS word but first you need to install a add-in for that, which can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website. once you have installed the add-in all you need to do is to select the file type as PDF in the save as menu and your word document will be converted to a PDF file.

Here's a step by step guide to do that:

Open Microsoft word and click on the office Icon at the top left corner, in the drop down menu move your pointer to save as and click on Find add-in's for other file formats.

In the resulting window click on Install and use option....

then click on the option Go to the Microsoft Save as....

you will be taken to the Microsoft Download center, Go through the validation and download the Add-in and install it. Now you can save your word files to PDF's, the add-in is compatible with the other Programs in your MS office suite.

Don't want to go through all of this, Fed up with Microsoft Products , Using a Cracked MS Office Suite, then use Open Office it's free.

PDF conversion is also possible in Open Office (see Below Image)

For a Detailed how to read this post by Shankar ganesh on Killertechtips

Note: As pointed out in the comments below this feature is available in MS Office 2007 only.

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How to use Gom Player to Auto capture images from Video Files

Gom player,the popular free media player which can play almost any video format outhere and even corrupted files and files which are being downloaded also has an excellent tool to capture images from a video file in manual mode or in Burst Capture mode,In Burst Capture mode you can preset the number of images that you want to capture and the time intervals at which each capture should be made.

You can capture images anywhere between 1-999 and at time Intervals starting at 0.01sec to 120 secs.(see insert images below)

To use this tool you need to access the Control panel and click on Advanced Capture,Next change the location where you want the images to be saved, if you leave the default settings they will be saved to the gom player folder under My documents->capture, you can also set the image format jpg-bmp that you want the files in and the quality of the images.

Play the video file and click on Burst Capture to get the images from the video.

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Firefox 3 Security In Action

The other day while I was moderating some comments in one of my posts I noticed a comment with an embedded link which i have seen earlier but rejected it as spam but clicked on it this time out of curiosity, I was promptly warned by Firefox that it's attack site. the warning even contained an option to know in detail why the site was being blocked.

Firefox 3.5 beta missing back and forward buttons.

Recently when I updated Firefox on my old machine from 3.2 beta to 3.5 beta I lost the forward and back buttons on the navigation bar.

It just needed a few tweaks in the settings to fix it,just right click on the navigation bar and click on customize and drag the forward back buttons from the customize toolbar window onto the navigation bar, and you are done.(Marked with the red arrow, see the accompanying images )

Update: Found out from a friend that in some cases the Home button is also missing, you can use the above method to restore that too, find the home button on the Customize Toolbar window and drag it to where you want it.

If you haven't already got this, you can get the latest version of Firefox from here

Need a solution for any other issues with Firefox 3.5 beta? let me know about it in the comments.

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"Avira " anti virus one of the best free anti virus software's

"Avira " anti virus one of the best free anti virus software's out there, far better than some of the premium(paid) anti virus software's available has become even faster with new virus detection engine and a improved Gui (graphical user interface)

Avira's free version provides Protection against viruses,worms,Trojans and against expensive dialers. Detects and deletes rootkits and provides Protection against phishing, good enough for your average Internet surfer. it keeps it's self up to date by downloading the latest definitions of new threats daily, the size of the updates are usually small just a few hundred kb's.

Get it here.

The Best of The Free Softwares
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Al Gore's brand-new slideshow on climate change

Al Gore's updated slide show made after the "Inconvenient truth" presented at TED talk recently.


Have you always wanted the Google Talk Gadget version features in your Desktop version?

If your answer is yes then read ahead,

I use a lot of smiley's while chatting with my friends but i miss them when im using the desktop version but fortunately Google has made available a new version of it's Google talk client with all the features of the Google talk gadget in it but for the time being it's only available at the Google labs page and is called "Google Talk, Labs Edition" you need to get it from there if you want to avail all the cool functions it offers.

Google Talk Labs Edition

The Google Talk, Labs Edition comes with desktop notifications like Google Calendar appointments with snooze feature so that you may not have to constantly remind yourself of that dinner appointment you always forget.

Description from the Googletalk labs page,

Download Google Talk Labs Edition and get:

* Features of the Google Talk Gadget on your desktop (emoticons,group chat, and more!)

* New! Desktop notifications from the following services:
Calendar (with a new snooze option!)

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Upload images faster to picasa,flickr & email or make your webpages with images load faster.

Reduce the size of your images without loosing qulaity to upload images faster to online photo sharing sites like Google picasa, flickr, Photobucket & to email's or make your web pages with images load faster with the image resizer.

Image resizer is a neat little tool with which you can reduce the size of images or convert the images from one format to the other, add a transparent water mark, Change the resolution of the images by manually entering the values or use the number of preset values for the likes of your Ipod player or a Sony PSP, convert large number of pictures with a single click in batch mode, convert Digital Camera RAW formats: Canon .CR2, Nikon .NEF , .MRW Minolta into standard image formats like Jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff etc, integrates into the Windows explorer shell so right click on your pictures and start working.

You can cram a large number of images into your ipod by reducing the size and the quality settings,It's a pretty useful tool for webadmins to limit bandwidth usage and load pages faster due to smaller size of the images, it's completely free and even Vista compatible.

Get it here.

Another similar tool is the Mihov Image resizer it's small and only 1.5 mb in size, has most of the features of Vso Image resizer software with a slightly toned down interface.

Get it here.

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Make a single playlist of all your favourite youtube videos and watch them with this Firefox addon

Youplayer is a firefox addon for all you video junkies outhere, it enables you to watch all your favorite videos from different websites like Metacafe,Myspace&Google Videos at a single place i.e your browser, by simply drag & dropping the videos into your playlist, save the playlists and watch the videos at your convenience while you surf other websites.

Youplayer can also be used as download tool to grab videos from video sites (see insert image)

it can also be used to bookmark webpages, just drag & drop the url into the playlist and save.

It also has an inbuilt player which can be used instead of the default player of the websites by clicking Player Opts --> Use New Player (see inset image)
which can be used to Maximize or minimize the viewing area by resizing it or viewing in full screen mode.

You can launch it with a single click whenever you need it.(see inset image)

Get it here :YouPlayer 0.9.7

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