Logitech take's mouse of pad into air

Logitech Launches a exciting new wireless rechargeable mouse called MX Air, what is so special about it? well you can actually use it in the air to control the cursor on your pc ,which reminds me of the Nintendo's Wii game controller.

You can hold it in your hand like a remote controller of your tv (it's more accurate to compare it with the Nintendo Wii) and use the Gesture controls to flip through images on your computer or reduce or increase the volume by press holding the volume button and moving your hand to the right to increase volume and left to decrease the volume and skip a song during you listen to music by flipping your mouse in a circular motion to the right or repeat a song by flipping your wrist to the left, the scroll wheel on the mouse is replaced by a touch sensitive scroll panel which responds to the finger swipes on it and it has a operating range of 30 feet which is good enough to use it by laying down on your sofa in the living room.

Check out the official Logitech MX Air video:

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