RSS In a way even your Grand Mom can Understand.

This is an Extremely well made Video explaining Rss in a way even your grand mom can understand what it is all about, You should definitely take a look at this video even if you are a geek at this stuff , just to see how the video was made.

This is an Ideal Video to explain rss in simple terms to anyone, whatever their background may be.


harleyblues said...

Hiya Ashwin

HELP! I need your help pretty please. My blog contetn is NOT updating in MYBLOGLOG BLOGCATOLOG

and my IMAGINE WIDGET on my Blog. I think my Beatle & eveyone that loves them is ok.

but my Sir Paul Blog is havin problems. I burned the blogs on burner. but the feeds are not updatting to the places I mentioned above. in Hlep at feedburner it says to check blog feed at Feed originator? these shows errors. I donot know what to do to correct the problem? everything that everyone has suggested I have done so far. could you please offer some help. now I just got ab email it might be my settings? ok than what should the RSS feeds read?

you can email me or send me a message on my blog its been over 2 weeks so far


Mini said...

That was a great video! It explained everything in very simple terms, and the comparisons were logical and right on. Thanks for sharing it!

Matthew Anton said...

really really great video...it wasn't boring and extremely informative...now I'm not a grandma haha, (I'm 24) and this even helped me. Thx for sharing and I need to get a google reader account now ;)

Cheap Motor Scooters said...

thanks for the info

Ashwin said...

Mini, Matthew Anton, Cheap Motor Scooters Thanks for stopping by guys, hope the info was useful to you guys.

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