The Best of the Free Firewalls Available

As we know very well that prevention is better than cure, Installing a good firewall would protect the computer from the countless viruses,addware,malware that present out there from getting into your computer. There are a lot of free Firewalls available but which of them are the best, to find out I scouted around the web reading the reviews from a good number of sites and forums and comparing their results and came up with these :

The Best of the Free Firewalls available are:

1.Comodo Firewall Pro


Comodo Firewall Pro

My choice of the Best Firewall is Comodo, due to it's great looking and easy to use interface when compared to ZoneAlarm and it also contains features some of which are available only in zomeAlarm Pro which is the paid version, it recognizes hundreds of commonly used programs and configures access to them without you facing a barrage of popup's to allow access to the Internet from the applications on your computer which is also only available in ZoneAlarm pro, it's been ranked the best in most reviews and even comes ahead some of the premium firewalls.


ZoneAlaram is also a quite effective firewall but lacks some of the features that Comodo offers for free has Issues with some antivirus software's.

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