Some not so well known but greatly useful Google tips.

You can use google to do some quick calculations while online or whenever you require by typing them into the search bar and hitting enter.

eg: 123456*123-789+123/456

The following tip is very useful to students.You can get the definition of any word that you don't know by typing them in the search bar with an advanced operator "define:".

eg: "define:wow" type it without the qoutes.

Want to know about the important events between the year 1940..1945, just type 1940..1945 (periods) and hit search, you can use this type of search anywhere where there are a number series.

Don't remember the exact words of a saying, a song or for instance newtons third law, google can help you out with it, just enter the words that you remember and enter a
wild card character"*" where you don't remember the words in the searchbar and hit enter.

Eg:newton for each and every action*

Happy Blogging.

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