"Avira " anti virus one of the best free anti virus software's

"Avira " anti virus one of the best free anti virus software's out there, far better than some of the premium(paid) anti virus software's available has become even faster with new virus detection engine and a improved Gui (graphical user interface)

Avira's free version provides Protection against viruses,worms,Trojans and against expensive dialers. Detects and deletes rootkits and provides Protection against phishing, good enough for your average Internet surfer. it keeps it's self up to date by downloading the latest definitions of new threats daily, the size of the updates are usually small just a few hundred kb's.

Get it here.

The Best of The Free Softwares
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Abhishek said...

Yes, I certainly agree. Avira is very effective in killing vruses and trojans and unlike norton, it does not eat the ram which means that your comp can run fast with avira open.
ABhishek www.dibugs.com

Ashwin said...

yeah that's one of the reasons why I moved away from Norton AV and why do you need to pay for an Anti Virus when you can get a reliable one for free moreover you don't have to deal with cracks and keygens if you don't have the bucks in your hand.

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