Have you always wanted the Google Talk Gadget version features in your Desktop version?

If your answer is yes then read ahead,

I use a lot of smiley's while chatting with my friends but i miss them when im using the desktop version but fortunately Google has made available a new version of it's Google talk client with all the features of the Google talk gadget in it but for the time being it's only available at the Google labs page and is called "Google Talk, Labs Edition" you need to get it from there if you want to avail all the cool functions it offers.

Google Talk Labs Edition

The Google Talk, Labs Edition comes with desktop notifications like Google Calendar appointments with snooze feature so that you may not have to constantly remind yourself of that dinner appointment you always forget.

Description from the Googletalk labs page,

Download Google Talk Labs Edition and get:

* Features of the Google Talk Gadget on your desktop (emoticons,group chat, and more!)

* New! Desktop notifications from the following services:
Calendar (with a new snooze option!)

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