Upload images faster to picasa,flickr & email or make your webpages with images load faster.

Reduce the size of your images without loosing qulaity to upload images faster to online photo sharing sites like Google picasa, flickr, Photobucket & to email's or make your web pages with images load faster with the image resizer.

Image resizer is a neat little tool with which you can reduce the size of images or convert the images from one format to the other, add a transparent water mark, Change the resolution of the images by manually entering the values or use the number of preset values for the likes of your Ipod player or a Sony PSP, convert large number of pictures with a single click in batch mode, convert Digital Camera RAW formats: Canon .CR2, Nikon .NEF , .MRW Minolta into standard image formats like Jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff etc, integrates into the Windows explorer shell so right click on your pictures and start working.

You can cram a large number of images into your ipod by reducing the size and the quality settings,It's a pretty useful tool for webadmins to limit bandwidth usage and load pages faster due to smaller size of the images, it's completely free and even Vista compatible.

Get it here.

Another similar tool is the Mihov Image resizer it's small and only 1.5 mb in size, has most of the features of Vso Image resizer software with a slightly toned down interface.

Get it here.

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