Convert your Ms Word Documents to PDF's with MS Word

Need to convert a word document that you just created to PDF. you don't need to go to the hassle of opening a separate program to do that, you can convert the document to PDF using MS word but first you need to install a add-in for that, which can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website. once you have installed the add-in all you need to do is to select the file type as PDF in the save as menu and your word document will be converted to a PDF file.

Here's a step by step guide to do that:

Open Microsoft word and click on the office Icon at the top left corner, in the drop down menu move your pointer to save as and click on Find add-in's for other file formats.

In the resulting window click on Install and use option....

then click on the option Go to the Microsoft Save as....

you will be taken to the Microsoft Download center, Go through the validation and download the Add-in and install it. Now you can save your word files to PDF's, the add-in is compatible with the other Programs in your MS office suite.

Don't want to go through all of this, Fed up with Microsoft Products , Using a Cracked MS Office Suite, then use Open Office it's free.

PDF conversion is also possible in Open Office (see Below Image)

For a Detailed how to read this post by Shankar ganesh on Killertechtips

Note: As pointed out in the comments below this feature is available in MS Office 2007 only.

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DWiner said...

You could have mentioned that it is only in Word 2007 that this plug in works for, somewhere in the post title or content.

Ashwin said...

Well that thought didn't occur to me I just assumed that everyone would be using word 2007. thanks for pointing that to me, will add a note at the end.

OnlyMe said...

Thanks Dwiner. As I found out - I have Office 2003, with which I am happy.

Well, that will work if you want to use Word. But, I use the free CutePDF with which I can print not only Word documents to PDF, but also web pages and online bank and credit card statements, etc. In other words, anything at all that you can print to a printer, you can print to CutePDF. That is pretty powerful.

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