Sync your Thunderbird lightning Calendar with Google Calendar

Provider for Google Calendar is a Thunderbird add-on that let’s you synchronize your events in Lightening with Google Calendar in both directions.

First step is to Install the Provider for Google Calendar add-on second we need to obtain the Private feed address of your Google Calendar, for this Login to your Google Calendar account and click on Settings option located at the top right beside your email address


Click on the Calendars option


Find the Calendar that you want to sync with under My Calendars and click on it, In my case I have only one calendar.


Scroll Down to the Private Address field and click on the XML button there


You should now see the Calendar address window, this is the address that we need to sync the Lightening calendar with


Open Thunderbird Lightening and go to File –>New->Calendar


Under Create New Calendar Choose On the Network option and Click Next


Choose Google Calendar and enter the feed address obtained from Google Calendar in the Location Field


Click on Next , give the newly created calendar a nick name and specific a color for the events and click on Finish.

You now have all your Google calendar events perfectly synched to Thunderbird and viceversa.

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