Tag your Entire Music Collection with just a few clicks using Winamp player.


Winamp’s newest version Winamp 5.5 has a Cool new feature called Auto-Tag  it basically tags the tracks in your music collection with the right artist and album name and other details by queering the grace note media database

It not only tagged all the music in my English collection perfectly with the right artist and album name but also songs from other languages like Hindi and Telugu, quite Impressive.

Here’s a Visual walk through

First You need to have all of your music collection in the Winamp Library, if you haven’t already done that during the setup of Winamp on your machine here’s how to do that

 win1      winamp1

Click on Library at the Bottom in the Expanded mode, you can also access this option by clicking on File at the top left of the Winamp window and select Add Media to Library , you should now see a window


Browse to the Parent folder of your Music collection and select it and also check the box Scan folder in background and click on Add, all the tracks would be added to the library making it also easier to search and find a particular track.

Once all the songs have been imported to the Library select all of them by pressing ctrl+a, right click on them and select send to –> Auto-Tag


You should now see Auto Tagger window


Wait till the Status of all the songs shows up as Done (this would take some time depending on the size of your collection) and then click on Apply Changes and your Done.



You now Have a Perfectly Tagged Music Collection.

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Haris said...

I've been using Winamp for so long now, but never knew about this feature.

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