8 Simple ways to Make your stay at the Office more Eco Friendly.

Here's a List of 8 Simple things that you can do at the office with little effort to lend a hand to the Environment.

Copy and print on both sides of paper and if Possible use Two up or four up to print two or four pages on a single side.

Use the Print Preview option and remove any pages or large blocks of text that are not required, the few extra seconds are worth it.

Reuse items like envelopes, folders and paper clips, Use discarded paper for scrap paper.

Use e-mail & Instant messaging instead of paper correspondence as much as possible.

Get yourself a ceramic coffee mug instead of using the disposable cups at the coffee machine.

Use a Hand Kerchief or a napkin Instead of the Paper Towels in the washroom.

Lowering your computers brightness and using the inbuilt power management tool will reduce the power consumption considerably.

Make sure to Shutdown your computer and switch it off at the Power socket before you leave for the day, leaving them in stand by mode will keep drawing power even after shutting down (the monitor keeps drawing).

Share these simple steps with your friends and colleagues and Convince them to join you.
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