Comparision of the best free Antiviruses available

There are quite a number of free antivirus software's available on the web,I have always wondered which is the best free antivirus out there, so I scouted around the web reading reviews from a good number of sites and forums and comparing their results and these are the Finalist's That I zeroed onto

So The Best of the free Antivirus software's available are:

Avira Personal Edition. (Formerly known as AntiVir)

Avast Home Edition.

Grisoft's AVG Free Edition.

All the three antiviruse software's are on a equal footing but each has it's Pro's and Con's,

So here's what I think about them:

1.Avira Personal Edition

Avira formerly known as Antivir is my choice of the best free antivirus software's.

This no frill's software has a simple and easy to use user Interface, it's quiet low on the usage of system resources and has a good outbreak response time for new Infections at 4-6 hours and has regular updates the every other day.
My Personal experience using this software has been quite good and I am impressed by it's detection capabilities.

2.Avast Home Edition

Avast antivirus has a hip looking media player style user interface, it takes a little bit of getting used to, to locate all the settings available and to use it efficiently, you can use a number of different skins on the user interface panel which is a cool option but this would effect the system resource usage which is quite high for this antivirus software, use it only if you want the extra bells and whistles this antivirus offers like the sounding of a siren alarm when a virus is found and if you have enough system resources to spare, has a out break response time of 8-10 hours.

3.AVG Free Edition

Avg is improving day by day, it has an easy to use user Interface, is low on the system resource usage but has some issues with other security products like zone alarm firewall,which have been rectified in the newer versions though, has a outbreak response time of 8-10 hours.
My personal experience with it has been not so good, always had issues with it's virus detection capabilities.

I have used these programs on my computers for a while now and find them no way inferior to the Commercial antivirus softwares when it comes to their core capabilities.

What is the Antivirus software that you are using, let me know about your experience with it below.

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