How To Add Orkut's App's to your Profile Page: For Non Indian Users.

Google's Social media site Orkut has recently launched a cool new feature called" apps" short for applications similar to facebooks applications,
these apps let you add some cool new features to your profile but as of now this feature is only available to Indian users, orkut has promised to roll out this feature to all orkut users soon.

If you are one of those non Indian users and can't wait to try out this cool new feature on your profile page there's a work around available.

Log into Orkut and go to the edit profile page or just click on the link below and change your Location to India and click on update at the bottom and your Done.
Home > My profile > Edit profile

You will now be able to add all the cool apps to your profile page through a new addition to the Control Panel on the left "add apps".

Thanks to Lebu san (◕‿◕)for the tip.
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