Firefox Browser Link Association Issue

After upgrading to Firefox 3 RC 1 recently ,I have Decided to uninstall Firefox 2 from my machine as most of my favourite addon's are now available for Firefox 3.

The Issue: After Uninstalling Firefox 2 I was unable to open URL links from other programs like Thunderbird and Google Talk in the browser.

The OS(operating system)  was still pointing to Firefox 2 as the default browser which is now Uninstalled.

The Resolution: Well It's simple we need to get the OS to point to Firefox 3 as the default browser.

Here's how it's done:

Go to Start-> Set Program Access and Defaults

If you don't see Set Program Access and Defaults in your Start Menu than go to

Start-> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Set Program Access and Defaults




Expand Custom and click on the Mozilla Firefox radio button


Click on OK at the bottom and it's done.

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